Current WorkEgyptian Council for Training and Develpment
ExperienceComputer Programming & Web Development


Peter E. Morckos has a comprehensive knowledge and skills in IT fields, applications and teaching with more than 16 years with many companies, international and local companies, Peter has earned Computer Science Bachelor degree from the Higher Institute for Specific Studies 2003, Peter started his IT career as a freelancer instructor with several educational entities in Egypt teaching office programs, databases programs (Visual Basic, VB.NET, HTML, PHP and MYSQL ) Peter had many positions with several companies and organizations, peter was the database developer at the Chamber of Commerce in Giza, IT Dept., and also he was the IT Manager at Freight Way Logistics Company for 2 years, Freelancer programmer since 2000, Laws.com (US entity) as DB developer since 2011 till 2017. Now Peter is the Business Development Manager at the Egyptian Council for training & Development and he is a part time trainer in IT division at the Egyptian Council.