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Excel Advanced Level

(The Basics of writing code programming)

Total Videos Duration: 4 Hours 28 Minutes 40 Seconds

Study: 2 weeks

Please be sure to read carefully the requirements and outline before you register to this level

Requirements before you study this program:
  1. Excellent knowledge for the Excel features, tools.. etc.
  2. Know correctly how to work with Excel cell references.
  3. Working good with the most used functions (if function, right, left … etc….)
  4. Using forms (Basic skills, object names and usage)
  5. Please be sure to install Excel 2013 or higher.

Video: Arabic

Materials: English

Section 1Create a Macro
Section 2Tools
Section 3msgbox
Section 4Workbook and Worksheet Objects
Lecture 4Range
Lecture 5Methods & Properties
Section 5Range and Cells
Lecture 6Range vs Cells
Lecture 7Create Range by VBA
Lecture 8Select
Lecture 9Clear & Count
Lecture 10Project
Section 6Variables
Lecture 11Byte - Integer - Long
Lecture 12Double - Single
Lecture 13String
Lecture 14Date & Time
Lecture 15Boolean
Lecture 16Variables Errors
Lecture 17Project
Section 7IF Statement
Lecture 18If ... Then
Lecture 19Else
Lecture 20Nested IF
Section 8Loop
Lecture 21For ... Next
Lecture 22Do ... Loop
Lecture 23Project
Lecture 24Project Code
Section 9String Manipulation
Lecture 25Left, Right, Mid
Lecture 26Len, Instr
Section 10Date and Time
Lecture 27Year, Month, Day
Lecture 28Current Date & Time
Lecture 29DateAdd
Section 11Events
Lecture 30Workbook Open, Before Close
Lecture 31Worksheet Change
Section 12Arrays
Lecture 32One Dimension Array
Lecture 33Two Dimensional Array
Section 13Functions & Subs
Lecture 34How to use Subs & Functions?
Lecture 35Project
Section 14Application Object
Lecture 36Worksheet Functions
Lecture 37Screen Updating
Section 15More Projects
Lecture 38Reminder System
Lecture 39User Form
Lecture 40Create Add-in

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