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Excel forBeginners

Total Videos Duration: 4 Hours

Study: 2 weeks

This course is designed for the new users to Excel with no experience, as we will start from scratch to learn MS Excel, it’s recommended if you have Excel 2013 or higher to proceed with this course.

Requirements before you study this program:
  1. Good Knowledge for MS windows
  2. Be sure to install Excel 2013 or higher.


Program Outcome:

By the end of the program, the participants will be able to:

  • Know how to use back-end
  • Working with cells
  • Working with spreadsheets & workbooks
  • Create and manage Tables
  • Sorting & Filtering
  • Printing worksheets


Section 1Make a Start with Excel
Lecture 1Excel Interface
Lecture 2Creating and Opening Workbooks
Lecture 3Data TypesFree Preview

Data Types

Duration 22:16

Lecture 4Exam
Lecture 5Cell Basics
Lecture 6Modifying Columns, Rows and Cells
Lecture 7Formatting Cells
Section 2Worksheet Basics
Lecture 8Worksheets
Lecture 9Exam
Section 3Protection
Lecture 10Worksheets & Workbook Protection
Lecture 11Exam
Section 4Page Layout
Lecture 12How to work with page layout
Lecture 13Exam
Section 5Printing Workbooks
Lecture 14How to Print Workbooks?
Lecture 15Exam
Section 6Tables
Lecture 16How to Create Tables?
Lecture 17Exam
Section 7Sorting & Filtering Data
Lecture 18Sorting
Lecture 19Filtering
Lecture 20Exam
Lecture 21Advanced Filters
Section 8Simple Formulas
Lecture 22Simple Calculations
Lecture 23Tables With Simple Formulas
Lecture 24References
Lecture 25Functions
Section 9Final Exam
Lecture 26Exam
Lecture 27Exam Solution

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