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Python Fundamentals

Discussions: Arabic

Material and Exams: English

Requirements Before You Start This Course:
  • Basic English is required.
  • Basic Computer Knowledge.


By the end of the course, the participants will be able to:
  • Understanding the Different Data Types.
  • Working with loops and conditions.
  • Handling the Text Files and Folders.
  • Designing Functions and Classes.
  • Creating Lists & Dictionaries.
  • Creating Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • Working With Simple Graphic & Image Processing.
  • Understanding the Networks Basics.
Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Computer Intro
Lecture 2Historical Intro
Lecture 3Install Python
Section 2Getting Started
Lecture 4Python Programming
Lecture 5How Python Works?
Lecture 6Syntax Errors
Lecture 7Projects
Section 3Data Types & Expressions
Lecture 8Software Development Process
Lecture 9Case Study
Lecture 10Strings
Lecture 11Variables and Assign Statements
Lecture 12Comments and Docstrings
Lecture 13Exercises
Lecture 14Character Sets
Lecture 15Exercises
Lecture 16Expressions
Lecture 17Mixed Mode Arithmetic and Type Conversions
Lecture 18Exercises
Lecture 19Calling Functions and Return Values
Lecture 20Main Module
Lecture 21Exercises
Section 4Control Statements
Lecture 22for Loop
Lecture 23Count Controlled Loops
Lecture 24Augmented Assignment
Lecture 25Data Sequence
Lecture 26Steps in The Range
Lecture 27Loops That Count Down
Lecture 28Exercises
Lecture 29Formatting Text for Output
Lecture 30Exercises
Lecture 31Case Study
Lecture 32Comparison Operators and Boolean Expressions
Lecture 33if-else Statements
Lecture 34One-way Selection Statement
Lecture 35Multi-way if Statements
Lecture 36Logical Operators
Lecture 37Exercises
Lecture 38Structure of a while Loop
Lecture 39while True and break
Lecture 40Random Numbers
Lecture 41Exercises
Lecture 42Case Study
Section 5Strings and Text Files
Lecture 43Characters and Substrings
Lecture 44Exercises
Lecture 45Data Encryption
Lecture 46Numbers Systems
Lecture 47Converting Binary to Decimal
Lecture 48Converting Decimal to Binary
Lecture 49Octal and Hexadecimal
Lecture 50Exercises
Lecture 51String Methods
Lecture 52Exercises
Lecture 53Writing Text To a File
Lecture 54Reading Text From a File
Lecture 55Files and Directories
Lecture 56Exercises
Lecture 57Case Study
Lecture 58Project
Section 6Lists
Lecture 59List Literals and Basic Operators
Lecture 60Replacing and Element in a List
Lecture 61Methods for Inserting and Removing Elements
Lecture 62Searching and Sorting List
Lecture 63Aliasing and Side Effects
Lecture 64Equality Object Identity and Structural Equivalence
Lecture 65Find the Median of Data Set
Lecture 66Tuples
Lecture 67Exercises
Lecture 68Project
Section 7Functions
Lecture 69The Syntax of Simple Function Definitions
Lecture 70Boolean Functions
Lecture 71Defining a Main Function
Lecture 72Exercises
Lecture 73Case Study
Section 8Dictionaries
Lecture 74Dictionary Literals
Lecture 75Adding Keys and Replacing Values
Lecture 76Accessing Values
Lecture 77Removing Keys
Lecture 78Traversing a Dictionary
Lecture 79Example 1
Lecture 80Example 2
Lecture 81Exercises
Lecture 82Case Study
Lecture 83Project

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